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Theological Audacities
Collected Essays by F.W. Marquardt

marquardt "That the God of Israel makes doers of us through the Torah is, in my view, the most beautiful thing we can thank him for: Every lethargy, every melancholy, indifference and moroseness is ended . . . Wherever the Torah claims us as doers, it confronts the nihilism that exclaims: There's nothing I can do. The Torah opposes anti-revolutionary laziness" (F.-W. Marquardt). This anthology contains a selection of essays by Friedrich-Wilhelm Marquardt (1928-2002), former professor of systematic theology at the Free University of Berlin, Germany. As a student of Karl Barth in the fifties, Marquardt became one of the most influential pioneers in renewing the relationship between Christians and Jews in Germany after the Shoah, as well as a Barth scholar proposing a new perspective on Barth's theology and political radicalism. Accordingly the essays contained in this volume deal with the two main areas of interest in Marquardt's theological journey: Part 1 presents essays dealing with new perspectives in the relationship between Christians and Jews after the Shoah, promoting for example the significance of "the Jewish No" to the Messiahship of Jesus for Christian theology, and the relevance of Talmudic studies for Christians. Part 2 presents examples of Marquardt's approach to Barth's theology, emphasizing the relevance of connecting the theological and the political spheres in general, and the socialist horizon in particular in Barth's theological framework. This perspective is supported by an abundance of historical evidence and by deciphering Barth's unpublished "Socialist Speeches" from the Safenwil period.

Selected essays by Friedrich Wilhelm Marquardt, edited by Andreas Pangritz and Paul S. Chung;
with a Foreword by H. Martin Rumscheidt;
translated by Don McCord, H. Martin Rumscheidt, and Paul S. Chung.


Foreword by Martin Rumscheidt: “Come Across to Macedonia and Help Us”
Part I: The God of Israel and Christian Theology after the Shoah
“Enemies for Our Sake”: The Jewish No and the Christian Theology (1977)
Elements Unresolved in Leo Baeck’s Criticism of Adolf von Harnack (1983)
Martin Buber as a Socialist Zionist (1978)
Why the Talmud Interests Me as a Christian (1993)
When Will You Restore the Kingdom for Israel? (1992)
Part II: Attempts at Understanding Karl Barth
First Report on Karl Barth’s “Socialist Speeches” (1970/81)
The Secretary of the Church Administration: From Barth’s Pastorate (1986)
The Idol Totters: The General Attack from the Epistle to the Romans (1970)
Theological and Political Motivations of Karl Barth in the Church Struggle (1973)
Epilogue by Andreas Pangritz: Friedrich-Wilhelm Marquardt—a Theological-Biographical Sketch

Pickwick Publications (Wipf & Stock Publishers), Eugene/Oregon.
Princeton Theological Monograph Series 137.
xiv + 264 p. Includes index.
ISBN: 978-1-60608-943-9.
Retail Price: $31.00


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